Complete Sample Book


Print Ready

After running through the complex layout with various prints and papers with the printers and adjusting bleed and vital crop marks, the book is print ready with Hobs reprographics and I have instructed them of where the samples go, and when the tabs and inserts are to be cut to get the staggered layout that is essential to an effective layout.

The book is a matt finish hardback image wrap cover, with 12 real scale print samples and 8 text and photographic pages to accompany including in situ images, reference to dissertation and theory, thermochromic print information and photography and collection overview.

After three hours of meticulous explanation and mock ups, the book is print ready as of Wednesday and should be ready for next Tuesday 1st June.


Print Sample Range

Fig. 1 shows samples of each design range in all three colour ways.
These will feature in the full colour hard back sample book as separately printed inserts.

Fig. 1

Title Design

The front cover and identity for the collection. Typography constructed from samples of each print design in the collection.

Finished Thermochromic Wallpaper

To accompany the collection and sample book, and to show an example of a full scale representation of the collection (fig. 2), I have screen printed by hand an edition of the Neo Mod range in colour 'CYK' with an interactive thermochromic feature (fig.1).

Fig. 1
Fig. 2

Test Prints for Book Inserts

This is a test to see how the layers of print sit staggered on top of each other, as a rough mock up to give to the printers as reference for when they bind the sample book.


Collection Developments & Sample Book Layout

The collection is comprised of four ranges consisting of three colour ways in each range.
I have taken this into consideration when planning the layout for the sample book, size, thickness etc.

From researching various wallpaper sample books, and as my collection is a concise one, I have decided not to go for a interchangeable folder-like book that the samples can be taken out of and changed for practicality, but a more definite perfect bound book. The samples are secure in the book, but printed on a 160 gsm cartridge paper and inter-sectioned with the 100 gsm silk which will feature text and photography.